Don’t Date an Alpha Female Who Travels

Don’t date an alpha female who travels, unless you are a guy who can inspire her to dream big and wander with her. She knows she is destined for greatness and she won’t tone it down if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Let her have her own vision and aspirations. Don’t try to make her change her ways. She won’t follow you. But she won’t lead or try to control you either. She will expect you to do great things with her while traveling and sharing experiences.


An alpha woman who travels won’t chill with you on a beach. She is always working on something important and she wants a partner who understands and supports that. Lying on a beach and doing nothing for hours can ruin her mood as she won’t feel like spending her time in a meaningful way. She can relate to Elon Musk on that one – “The idea of lying on a beach as my main thing just sounds like the worst. It sounds horrible to me. I would go bonkers. I would have to be on serious drugs. I’d be super-duper bored. I like high intensity.”


She seeks a different kind of strong. Paying for dinner, helping her with her heavy suitcase, buying her presents is flattering. A true alpha will appreciate and let you do all these gestures for her but her expectations of you as her man will be set way higher. She will expect you to be her mentor, coach, pusher, be there for her in her struggle, help her with her business, believe in her when she doesn’t, comfort her when she needs to cry.


She burns, burns, burns and you better cancel that date if you’re bored or boring. Or as Matthew Hussey puts it, you have to know how to give great brainal β€“ “the act of penetrating deep subjects of intellectual curiosity with a partner resulting in mental stimulation, and often, physical emotional attraction.” She will listen and try to connect with everything you say, even if she doesn’t agree with you. If there is no passion in you she will sense it and lose interest in seeing you again.


You won’t be able to figure her out. There is no stereotype or check box that can define her. She is tough on the inside but hot and feminine on the outside. She might wear a backless tight dress and become the center of attention at a fancy cocktail and then switch personalities, slipping into a baggy T-shirt and jeans to hitchhike across countries. An alpha female who travels doesn’t follow trends or social rules. She doesn’t need to “get a stable job, get married, get a mortgage, have kids, be a good mom and take care of the home” to feel like a fulfilled woman.


It will be impossible to make her jealous. Tell her that you are crashing a bachelorette party and she will hug you and wish you to have fun. Not being jealous might make you question if she likes you enough. She probably does. But she also knows that hanging out with other women will make you appreciate her more. And since she travels, she is not the type to get attached. If you meet someone else then she will let go and move on. She has plenty of options texting her from around the world anyway.


She is too much. Too smart, too independent, too giving, too well-traveled, too loving, too passionate, too ambitious, too curious, too funny, too spontaneous, too mad to live. At least this is what most average guys will see in her.


She will ruin you. Dating an alpha woman who travels will fill your life with adventure. Skinny dipping in natural pools, skydiving, getting a tattoo, booking a trip to North Korea, turning a Netflix & chill evening into a cake fight, climbing mountains, going on a safari. You won’t impress her by taking her out on Friday night, although she won’t mind if you do. But she appreciates creativity. Her influence can make you quit jobs and move to a different country. Her way of living life might give you a heart attack at times. But it will be the best heart attack you’ll ever have.


Don’t date an alpha female who travels because she belongs to the world. Belong to the world with her or admire her from a distance.

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    1. It almost reads as if the author was recently broken up with or rejected for their lifestyle and is using the piece to reassert and affirm themselves.

    2. Alrighto, I see I was wrong. Just saying how it comes across to someone who doesn’t actually know you.

    3. Georgi, have you checked out Great Nomad’s homepage? What were you expecting from a site whose tagline is “For the traveling entrepreneur who is destined for greatness.”?

  1. This post is nothing but another attempt to box and label people. “alfa female”? “who travels”? I am afraid the labels are too primitive. What I see in that story… A smart, curious person who studies the world. And if this person is really smart and learns from his / her experience it is just a matter of time when the strategy, patterns, approaches will start pivoting and we will see totally new situation or story. This is LIFE. Still want to box and label it? Great! Stay in your deep shit comfort zone, do not hustle, do not push your limits and do not date or better be afraid of “focused and committed to success alfa males / females who travel the world”. Be afraid of us, because we potentially can make your cubical life miserable.

    1. Man, I don’t completely disagree with you, but if you’re gonna argue against an article written at this level you might wanna get your spelling right. It’s “alpha.”

    2. I like your polite way of calling people out, and even disagreeing with them. ?? I started looking forward to your responses as I scrolled through the comments. Thanks for that.

    3. I know it does! That’s why I’m impressed. I’m still working on that trait.

  2. I’m not going to hate on this article, but I will say this just isn’t the type for me. All of this stuff sounds great on paper, but I’ve met quite a few people like this (hell, I probably used to be one myself) who thoroughly believe they’re worth the herculean effort needed to keep up with and entertain them on every level. Unfortunately, simple economics often wins out: there are many other people who’re 80% as interesting but require 20% of the effort. At some point, the Law of Diminishing Returns takes over and you price yourself out of the dating market.

    What a lot of (especially high achieving) people miss is healthy long term relationships require effort to be put into the relationship itself, not just into continuing to make yourself into a super-awesome demigod who’s been everywhere and done everything.

    1. I completely respect that this type of person isn’t for you (we aren’t for a lot of people) but I think it’s addressing a different type of person than you’re thinking of. It’s not referring to those who are seeking to become some “super-awesome Demi-God who’s been everywhere and done everything.” I know those people! I live in the Bay Area. I’m surrounded by those people – lots of $ and like to show off/brag about how wonderful they are and all the “cool” things they’ve done. ? They’re very different from the type people this article is referring to.

    2. Thanks for your response. My previous comment wasn’t income-related. I’ve met a lot of people who’ve gone backpacking through Asia, South America, etc. with the same attitude. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be travel related. I guess my overarching thesis is the problem with articles like this that describe a “filter” for prospective partners is even suitable partners might filter the author and those like her out first before she gets to evaluate them.

      I used to do the same thing – more or less – back in the day and wound up turning a lot of good women who would have otherwise enjoyed me off before they had the chance to experience me themselves.

      BTW, I’m not suggesting you or the author change who you are. I’m just saying a better approach might be to speak about how much you enjoy travel, not harp on the demands your hobby and alpha status place on potential partners. Few people like to feel like they’re constantly trying to keep up with or live up to a partner, and even if they do initially, it tends to be exhausting and draining in the long run. I assure you, good people who could make you very happy see that stuff and just go ????????

      Caveat: it’s well documented that women find relationships and sex easier than men do, so perhaps those gender economics allow the attitude professed here without serious dating pool consequence.

    3. Well… if the timing is right nothing you do or say will change that… and vice versa πŸ™‚ but it’s good to be honest from the start, I think…

  3. Well done. It is as if I wrote that about myself. It is SO spot on. Funnily enough, actually my boyfriend was the one who sent me the link to this article. I am both impressed how succinctly summarised my personality but also a bit freaked out seeing it all in one place. lol. It’s taken me a while to accept the fact that while it may not be the “smartest” way to live life in order to have a normal life and as some have said below “not price yourself out of the dating market”, it is who i am and the only way I can be truly happy and after all i don’t need to date the world I just need to find one person who understands me. Thank you again for this article, if not for anything else but giving me some comfort in knowing i am not such a weirdo. πŸ˜›

    1. The “price yourself” guy was me πŸ˜› To clarify, I didn’t say such females would never find partners, just that the attitude projected here – as opposed to the person behind it – can unintentionally and unnecessarily cause actually eligible partners to self-eliminate.

      You can stop reading here if you want.

      Still here? OK, let me tell you a little personal story, which I didn’t put in the above bc I didn’t want to make this all about me. I attended a US News Top 20 school for undergrad. At my admissions interview, I asked my interviewer why so few people applied (<10K) despite the school's high ranking. He told me that many capable applicants simply didn't apply because they thought the school was too good to accept them!

      The school has since made changes – without lowering its admissions standards – that have swelled the applicant pool by an order of magnitude (now far >10K.)

      The point of what I’m saying is: no one has to change who they are, just be mindful of how they present themselves.

    2. Good luck finding that person. Because it will be a man just like yourself. Think about that for a moment.

  4. I really liked this, until I got to the part about alpha females who travel not getting attached. I’m not some robot who doesn’t have feelings or care about others or want to be in a long-term relationship/married. I want that as much as anyone else, but I’m not willing to settle in order to do so. That’s what traveling has taught me: the independence to be on my own if I have to be, but more importantly, a strong ability to quickly connect with others and form relationships that will last a lifetime.

    1. Good point but not getting attached doesn’t mean not having feelings. It means letting go faster/ being in a healthy relationship where you are two wholes instead of halves… which traveling people learn. You still respect and care about the person but you are more zen about it…

    2. Pointing out that “She has plenty of options texting her from around the world” is the opposite of being loyal and fostering a healthy relationship. Letting go faster isn’t really a virtue, in my opinion – relationships take work.

    3. Exactly. The article betrays a smart, high achieving person who lacks mental and emotional maturity. “I HAVE OPTIONS” only sounds cool to high school kids, college students, and people under 25. Everybody else will tell her to go text her options then and leave them alone.

    4. I think you’re confusing “zen” with significant aversion to commitment. There’s nothing wrong with the latter – relationships aren’t for everyone – but it sounds like you want the intimacy of a conventional relationship with the disposable nature of a hookup. That’s a bit like painting a fence white with black paint: it either doesn’t work or or at least one person in the relationship is deluded to some extent.

      Also, about 2 wholes: while no one has to change their identity for a relationship, any relationship that doesn’t touch or change your “whole” is shallow by definition and inspection. It’s like trying to make an omelette without breaking the egg. You either break the egg open or you have no omelette.

      Again, you don’t have to have a deep relationship, but the mentoring and coaching and support you’re seeking suggests a LOT of depth and investment from the other person. In fact the article demands a boatload from prospective partners while offering little in return. It’s
      as if somehow the joy of being hers should be its own reward, which is
      incredibly arrogant, selfish, and conceited.

  5. “Wants a partner that understands and supports, seeks adventure?” Alpha bulshit. I think every woman and man should seek that in a relationship.

    Stop labling people.

  6. Book a trip to North Korea?? No thanks, that’s a crazy chick. Turn Netflix and Chill into a cake fight? WTF, no sane woman would want to clean that mess up or stain their white leather sofa.

    1. Book a trip to North Korea?? No thanks, that’s a crazy chick.

      I went to school with women like these who were obsessed with traveling to world destinations where there was a high probability of them being detained, falsely imprisoned, killed, assaulted, maimed, or even raped. Familiar with the type.

      no sane woman would want to clean that mess up or stain their white leather sofa.

      Women like these don’t value material possessions of the sort that would include white leather sofas. As far as a traveling alpha female is concerned, anything more than the bare minimum ties her down to one location, which is anathema to her.

    2. Love your comments and as a female solo back packer who is loyal and tries not to big herself up to this degree, I get you!

  7. Can’t help to hear “Livin’ La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin in my head while reading this article.

  8. First of All I wont. Because the “alpha female who travels” clearly has a split personality and is in desperate need for help.
    She likes to travel but she doesn’t like to sit on a beach (or lay around doing nothing-implies she’s a workaholic who likes to travel)
    She’ll “let” you pay the bills but she might make you quit your job. But no, she’s not gonna pay, because she’s “free”.
    She’s independent but needs you as a coach and a mentor. This article is so amusing that it’s not even funny. You do exactly as your coach tells you to do something, you have blind Faith in a mentor because you wanna achieve a certain goal. But neither does she have a goal in mind, nor is she willing to be “held back by societal constraints”
    Please don’t sell it to those who are looking for the validation of the world.
    “She’s too much”- no she isn’t, no one is. I don’t know how you label “normal men” but you sure know how to label “an alpha female who travels”
    A true relationship doesn’t have any prerequisites, they are not underpinned by vested interests and it’s foundations aren’t that weak. Two wholes come together but one doesn’t dominate over the other. There is trust, forgiveness, patience from both sides, equally. Responsibilities are shared and there is immense mutual respect. All these things are missing because I’m talking about a real world relationship not a fairy-tale self validating article.

    1. I never noticed those contradictions, good catches! What I did notice was how much the alpha female seemed to demand from prospective partners while offering little in return. It’s as if somehow the joy of being hers should be its own reward, which is incredibly arrogant, selfish, and conceited.

    2. Well I think you’re being judgemental here or maybe you’re heartbroken by an alpha female.. whatever the case be, my point is alpha female are free, independent & complete souls they don’t really need to hold onto someone or something to make them feel complete, they are life and they are the expression of life, people with limited mindset will not understand or get it coz they don’t fully experience their life as alpha females do. Just because you haven’t walked their path doesn’t mean their path is wrong! Open your mind &a heart, you might see something you have never seen before. Sant? !

    3. That’s interesting. Per you:

      they don’t really need to hold onto someone or something to make them feel complete

      Yet per the article:

      be her mentor, coach, pusher, be there for her in her struggle, help her
      with her business, believe in her when she doesn’t, comfort her when
      she needs to cry.

      So either one of you is wrong or the alpha female is seeking a one sided relationship in which her partner puts in all the effort while she merely blesses him with her presence (or lack thereof, since she’s traveling all the time.) That’s incredibly selfish, conceited, and arrogant.

    4. I believe travelling is a journey within, the more we travel the more we get connected with people, nature and all as one! This article was written in a that spirit, to awaken people’s spirit for the higher purpose and that is to Love and pls I am not talking about attachments here. This is pure unconditional love which flows within us all and once we tap into this realm you know freedom, love,compassion, happiness in its true form not just for yourself or for your lover but for everyone and everything on this planet & beyond. Then it’s the joy of your being which wanna express itself by travelling and being just yourself. As long as relationships are concerned it totally depends on your equation with your lover as it’s rare to find someone vibrating on the same frequency! If both are not following the same vision it won’t work for long. So be it Alpha or any female on the path of true love, will not settle for anything less than deserving. I hope I cleared some of your doubts here, Thanks !

    5. Hey Firdaus! I guess you just took the decision in the direction of a whole new tangent and just never stopped. I am assuming that you consider yourself to be the mirror image of the writer’s “imagination” i.e an “alpha female who travels”. Anyway, I just pointed out the contradictions in the article, what do you have to say about them?

      No one is against the idea of a free and independent woman on the contrary, it’s one of the essential things that a person looks for in a potential partner. I was just amused by the contradictions in this article and how naive the thought process is. Also, your second comment doesn’t really make any sense in the context of this article.
      Anyway, to each his own. Peace!

    6. You had me at… She’ll “let” you pay the bills but she might make you quit your job. But no, she’s not gonna pay, because she’s “free”.
      She’s independent but needs you as a coach and a mentor.

      Great response

    7. I love these comments, this discussion really had me. Its like old me and new me is conversing.
      Initially I felt like I was reading my story and thought to share (to show off how great I am and why I can’t find the relationship I desire- but once I do, why it’ll be much better than everyone else’s) but I hesitated as I cringed at how one sided and “incredibly arrogant, selfish, and conceited.” this attitude really is.

      Traveling is a blast and fast, and while traveling this all may be true, for a while. But its just a state of being (that by definition is sth that comes and goes) and every coin has an opposite side. The author maybe haven’t focused on the shadow side of all this glamour yet.
      And this explanation sound like every women and men at their alpha state, but as we’re human, naturally we won’t always be in this state. Its exhausting even for this “alpha woman” to try to keep up with this state. It doesn’t last for long, especially when the flying carpet of traveling is not above your feet. I feel like to tell this mindset: “just let yourself be, please… ”

      I suit most of the description, though I don’t want to be by myself and complete. (Its gets quite lonely to be that “high above”. ) The sense of ‘us’ is sth I could experience only once among my countless amazing unconditional (to an extent) love-affairs and it was something else. I seek that, but only rarely I question weather if I am suitable and responsible enough for that relationship I long for.

      Its actually painful to see this perspective and a part of me does not want to be this person who feels pain and sees it this way, but this is also true and now that i feel it, i can’t paint it into cheer.

      Anyways, this is just an inside note from an ‘alpha girl’ πŸ˜‰

  9. Gross. Stop.
    There’s no such thing as an “alpha female.” We’re just The average confident, bright, curious traveling women who don’t need men ( although might appreciate a good one if one comes along). Welcome to 2017. Framing women in this sensationalized, objectified way (“she’s hot! JUST TRY TO DESERVE THIS HOT INDEPENDENT BABE, LOSER MEN!”) is insulting and sexist af and this article reads like something written in the 1970’s.

    1. This made me laugh (in a good way.) I’ve never heard someone object to being called an alpha, or equate it to objectification. Very interesting perspective.

    2. If you familiarize yourself with the toxic, misogynist Men’s Rights Movement, you’ll find out that they categorize men as alphas and betas. I’m sorry that that terminology seeped through to your thinking. Classification is objectification. That’s what objectification is.

    3. I actually don’t personally use the term “alpha,” because 1) it’s hackneyed 2) the definition is too nebulous to be meaningful.

      That said, I wouldn’t call it classification or objectification. It’s just shorthand for people who display some combination of certain behaviors in the same manner that we use “sexist” to refer to people whose views and actions are generally disproportionately derogatory or detrimental to women.

      Adjectives are still a valid part of speech.

    4. Toxic misogynist Men’s rights Movement? So wanting people to acknowledge men’s societal issues is misogynistic? Wow You really can’t tell MRAs from MGTOWs.

    5. That’s a lot of bullshit to swallow.if you can’t smell the roses you got issues. And ive never come across a person such as this. I prefer balance as opposed to obsession. Peach bang, fuck off. MGTOW coming, and you calling us toxic because we don’t put up with your bullshit and lack of statistics? Move the fuck on. It’s hard enough finding a woman with a job, but what you’re describing seems like a self loving fantasy.

    6. confident, bright, curious and traveling women don’t exist? HAH. Self love fantasy my buns. Those are four vague descriptors that would apply to a ton of women. Just because you attract losers doesn’t mean all women are losers.

    7. You don’t date women as a man. You wouldn’t know. There’s a documentary on YouTube of a lesbian acting as a man for 18 months. She required 12 months of psychological help afterwards. She had no problem with men but dating was a horror. I don’t think all women are the same. That would be no different then saying all black people are the same way. It’s just took till I was 40 to understand how women work.

    8. She required 12 months of psychological help afterwards

      I’m pretty sure I’d be in a mental hospital if I tried to act like a woman for a year and a half lmao

    9. It’s hard enough finding a woman with a job

      #Verified (mostly). Good luck finding a woman with a career and no baggage in the Deep Midwest where I live.

    10. It’s hard enough finding a woman with a job

      #Verified (mostly). Good luck finding a woman with a career and no baggage in the Deep Midwest where I live.

    11. Our dating pool is royally fucked with sjw mentality and appearance. Half on okcupid appear to be into women but like men. I’m fucking confused. Woman the other day thought I was nuts asking to go on a walk. It’s a date site bitch.

    12. Yeah some of the attitudes there suck. As someone who used OKC back in the day, my advice is to think of it as a way to meet new people instead of as a dating site right off the bat. I’ve made some really good friends on it.

    13. the toxic, misogynist Men’s Rights Movement, Classification is objectification, they categorize men, That’s what objectification is.

  10. Don’t date an alpha female whose heart is full of labels, judgments and mandates and whose post reads like the defensive dating profile of an insecure person.

  11. Wow she’s amazing. I’m totally enamored, in awe….NOT! Who the fuck cares. I would let her date me, but that’s as far as she would get.

  12. I too dislike it when people call me an Alpha Female. When I express that I don’t see myself as such, people tell me it is coming from a good place, that basically I’m just a badass and I should continue doing what I’m doing. But the thing is, I like to travel because it helps me understand “life” more, and I appreciate people’s differences more. To see all the unique cultures, differences between countries… it is all very humbling. In order to afford my travels, of course I set my goals and work hard because I would never want to depend on someone else to buy these dreams and goals for me. And previously, because I knew relationships may or may not work out, just in case it didn’t, I chose not to take that risk because at least traveling would be definite. So yes- I guess that would explain why I put relationships on hold, and if anyone tried to get to know me, I just explained to them I was going to be leaving the country for a while and I didn’t have time for one. I would never want to intimidate anybody. I just didn’t want to waste anyone’s time, that’s all.

    However, I am in a wonderful relationship now. Met him during my travel. My partner is genuine and communicates with me how he wants to be with me, and since he has met me while at the peak of my traveling, he encourages me to do so while finding time to catch up everyday. And when we do spend time with each other in person, we give each other our all. I did try to warn him about me not being good at relationships, but he appreciated me telling him this and makes an effort to make being in one easier. I will admit it can be hard being in a monogamous relationship sometimes because I was used to being single and having fun while making sure no one could get attached to me, but since I agreed to be with him and only him, whenever I feel like I’m not strong enough, I’ll just call him and somehow his voice is always enough to comfort me and remind me why I need to stay strong for him.

    So basically, don’t write off “Alpha Females Who Travel”- because some of them may be like me.. just curious girls who would rather travel and learn more about the world than chase love that may not exist. But in my case, love found me, and it is the most beautiful feeling in the world, but if he didn’t take the time to check on me every night hoping to hear about my new adventures (which shows me he cares about me,) then I wouldn’t have thought to try to get to know him better as well. And the more he opens up, the more I fall in love with him, wherever in the world I may happen to be.

    Because of my travels, I’m more understanding about certain things than before. Whereas most women back at home want to find a man who can spell, use correct grammar, and make a lot of money, and I used to think these were also important, instead I have found someone who tells me I’m “wonderfull” and loves me “verry verry much” because English isn’t his first language. But this just shows me he’s dedicated to being with me, trying to understand me, and I find it all endearing. No amount of money can buy a sweet man like this. I’ve dated very credentialed men in the past, and far too often I found them to be arrogant when trying to impress me, perhaps because they figured I was some Alpha female business owner who would be harder to impress. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Since I’m fully capable of getting whatever I need and my own money, I don’t need more of it from someone else. It is wonderful having someone who just wants to hear from me even if he can’t tag along. And like I said, when we do get together, it is even more magical than ever before πŸ™‚

  13. Um, yeah. Otherwise known as a hyper motivated, narcissistic, sociopath. I grew up in a family with several high-powered, totally confident, completely self-contained, brilliant, and utterly strong females, and none of them sound like the heartless, obsessive, intensity addicted robot described here. A human who cannot kick it on a beach and relax once in awhile, has missed the point of Being Human.
    It sound attractive in a kind of 90s vampire novel never slow down kind of way, but I mean really. This article just reeks of privilege and pretense.

  14. Good grief! What awful, pandering self-pleasuring clickbait. This “alpha female” sounds like a terrible human being.

  15. What a full load of crap, unadulterated feminist mental delusional crappola. Those self-entitled ‘queens’ have developed an ego higher than the stratosphere, exactly the kind of toxic personalities men must avoid at any cost.

  16. I dont think any human regardless of gender would endeavour to attempt any form of union with a person that has the qualities outlined above… in fact, I even replaced she from the text and made the text male gendered and when it was bounced off several of my lady friends they said that no woman would want to dat eor consider marrying a man with the properties outlined above… I showed it to my male friends and they also agreed that it painted a very unsavoury portrait of a potential mate… both sexes especially broke down at this point… “since she travels, she is not the type to get attached. If you meet
    someone else then she will let go and move on. She/He has plenty of options
    texting him/her from around the world anyway.”. So… I dont know what to say, I get what your trying say … fierceness, etc. but the person described above doesnt sound like someone I think anyone in their right mind would want to be involved with, IMO. Cheers.

  17. And they are also women who have had a lot of sex with a lot of men, and that’s no good. A wise man knows this kind of woman must be avoided for dating. These are the type of Women the system wants, because these women will work, work, work…..and will earn, earn, earn….and will spend, spend, spend and spend money to buy things as no other human being on Earth.

    1. LOL don’t worry, a lot of us are having sex with women, because there are too many men like you out there.

  18. You know what else you can expect with an “alpha female” besides the fact they should like narcissistic, chest pounding (but very insecure), crazy feminist? They are all single. I have run across a few of what you would call “alpha females” in my many travels around the world. Nothing more pathetic than a single woman in her late 40s and 50s that’s never been married and has no kids. But yeah, they wear the “alpha female” title with pride. Along with the stupid dolphin tattoo on their ankles. Nothing wrong with wanting to see it all or do it all (man or woman). But it doesn’t take an “alpha” to do it. I have found the most confident and well rounded travelers to be the more quite and reserved. They actually grasp why you travel (and it isn’t to boast on Instagram or some blog). These people use two ears to listen, two eyes to see, two hands to feel and realize they only have one mouth to talk. Their is a reason God or evolution gave us those ratios. So congratulations on emboldening another group of narcissistic twits with the “follow me, do I as I say, or get out of my way” attitude to get out their. Just what the world needs right now.

    1. Wow how sexist about the single women in their 40s or 50s… you just lost all respect with this line. What about a single man in his 40s or 50s with no kids? Geez, what are we 1871? Have you even considered that not having kids can be a choice and that some people feel happier this way? I’m in my 20s but still see nothing wrong for a woman to be, stay, and enjoy being single regardless of her age.

  19. Hats off! To the person who has experienced it coz every word of it made me feel like someone was spying on me all this while! Haha. I’m not joking but each and everything in this article talk about myself as I am. I’m really happy for the writer and also all the girls who can relate to this. To live a life fulll of freedom and love for all is the greatest blessing. If a guy can’t see your higher vision then he’ll just become a chapter in your exciting life.. and that’s completely ok! we are the change we want to see in the world. Hope this article reaches millions and inspire everybody to be bold and fearless to walk and explore the ends of this world and let the limitless beauty of life to unfold. Keep shining! Love & light ???? @annapelova

  20. How ironic, considering the author herself is trying to be ironic with the title… This clueless girl just penned a piece that is indeed very appropriately titled “don’t date an (self-professed) alpha girl”. Girls or boys, who are not mature enough to form long term relationships shouldn’t go around writing nonsense justifying why they are undateable.

    1. LOL you totally missed the point… don’t take everything too seriously for starters πŸ˜‰

    2. Take it however you wish. Your choice whether to click and read or not. It’s expressing an opinion in a slightly controversial way. If you don’t like it… well, plenty of websites on the web… ? ?

    3. It’s Thought Catalog-esque garbage. A piece emphasizing hyperdelusional self-affirmation with no introspection whatsoever.

  21. Lmao @ all the butt hurt people in the comments taking this entirely too serious and criticizing anyone like this. If you’re that butt hurt go try some dating sites. Don’t try to assessanate people’s character because you weren’t a good match. As the article clearly states, only a certain type of partner can keep up with this type. If that ain’t you, then move on instead of being in your feelings about it. Fragile ass egos ??? ???

    1. Actually yes, it does that often. Particularly if you’ve made the typo before (which given how quickly I type, happens easily). Do you not have any experience with a mobile phone? Besides, the whole “oooh you made a typo” argument that is used to undermine someone’s opinion is old and tired….unless of course you lack the intellectual capacity to form a coherent argument relevant to the topic at hand (which is clearly true for you given the emotional immaturity you’re displaying….in which case just sit down and shut up). ?

    2. Oh and by the just officially outed yourself as one of the butthurt people I was talking about ???

      You can respond as long as you want but if I were you I wouldn’t bother. You have nothing valuable to add to this conversation so I won’t be reading. ?????

    3. Keeping up with self-centered narcissists for whom the entire world must revolve around them is a fool’s errand.

    4. Then don’t be a fool and move along. Simple. Not sure why anyone would have to go out of their way to make it known that they wouldn’t date a certain type of person (particularly if that’s the subject of this article). The good news is that according to you, these types are too self-centered to give a damn anyway. So whoever overlooks them will surely not be missed lol.

  22. I own a company called “Travel with Lipstick”, so I travel a lot. And I’m single! I’d like to quick comment, since I see a lot of negative ones, that every single point of this resonates with me. Nothing is ever written in stone of course. For instance, I don’t enjoy lying on the beach … at all. Just recently I dropped my friends off at a beach in Spain, then went food shopping for our BBQ that night, preferring to create our next experience. But … if I were lying in bed on a Sunday morning with someone special, I could stay there for quite some time. So, I agree with every point you’ve made, with exceptions, as there always are. My favorite first date of all time was a surprise night hike, to the top of an extremely challenging mountain, where at the top he asked if I wanted to hike back down or pitch a tent and open the whiskey πŸ˜‰

  23. So much justified slutness! She’s a gold digger trying to satisfy her weak ego by doing the hypergamous cock carousel riding, stay away from them – pump and dump… and physically slap some sense into her, the cops wont care since the laws are more lax in other countries ; )
    Slap the piss out of her wrecked tramp vagina!

  24. Pretty retarded, I must say. I’m a male that travels all of the time, alone, in the same way that “Travelettes” do, yet I wouldn’t write such an arrogant description of myself. Traveling in this way, or being a nomad, does not make me superior to anyone else. It’s a hobby. Some people own boats, or sports cars as their hobbies. Some people do art as their hobby. There are many hobbies. Travel is one of them. If you think you’re superior just because you have this cool hobby, you certainly disrespect the coolness of other people and their hobbies. Grow up.

  25. I travel a lot, for work, I’ve experienced all of this. I’m the type of woman who wears sweats, vans and a hoodie in the first class cabin to Dubai, and yes then put on a sequined dress to go to a premiere. And I can tell you this, It’s exhilarating, and lonely at times. I’ve done a lot of reflection (now 47), and I found over the years that it’s not that I’m “alpha” per se (I am) but that the men who are able to handle it financially (traveling) or do it for work, aren’t the type of men I want, and the type of men who don’t travel, chill, are like “men” (zero fucks are given about feminism right now) actual alpha men, can not handle it, especially the make more money than you do part. I’ve tried, and ended up sitting in Oakland overlooking the city on a beautiful night in the most beautiful house wondering if I’ll be a lone forever, and what is actually important to me, this life and my son or being in a relationship- chose two you can’t have all three. And that’s the truth. I’ve been to five continents in the last year, my ex is my best friend, and I haven’t had a man in 7 years. Am I happy? Hell yes. I just had to accept the reality and not the reality of this article, while it’s fun to think it’s real, or even if it is, you will be faced with what do and what’s ultimately important to you.

    1. chose two you can’t have all three

      I admire your honestly, introspection, and realism here. It takes maturity to realize life has tradeoffs and you can’t cover every single base and be everything and have everything as far as self-actualization is concerned.

  26. Yeah OK, but she better have a hot body and like a lot of sex or she’s welcome to travel alone, lol

  27. I’ve met and dated my share of confident, aggressive and high achieving women. It didn’t bother me how they were though keeping up with them would be a challenge. I think sometimes these women see me as a rather “boring, low key” kind of guy. I’ve traveled the world (Asia, Canada, US, etc) but I don’t do so regularly. I enjoy the big experiences as well as the small local experiences. However, I sense SOME (not all) women judge rather quickly you’re not a good fit because you haven’t traveled as much as them.

    While the tone of this article is a bit extreme, the point from me is you can date anyone you want. But sometimes certain personality types won’t mesh. Find someone you can click with and go for it then. I’m open to anyone and seeing how things go! Good luck for all the singles out there!

  28. Sounds like a barrel of crock to me. Alpha female ….alpha male…IMOHO are so caught up in themselves (achievements, conquest, keeping score, etc) they miss the point. But, hey what ever floats your boat!

  29. Accidental find on Facebook .. I hope you don’t mean what you say here and just wrote this to get some traffic to your post and use the ad revenue to fund your sorry ass life right. Right??

  30. Lol my boyfriend send it to me today and he said “Now you are writing ghost articles for”? It’s so me I couldn’t believe someone else wrote it. Congrats on the text, loved it.

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