Countries you can travel to without coronavirus restrictions

Traveling during the Covid-19 is like being inside the Catch Me if You Can movie. Restrictive measures changing daily, countries imposing their own scrambled rules over international laws that have been in place for decades, not knowing whether you’ll make it through the border or you’ll get stuck somewhere. Despite all the cheap flights and constant hotel room upgrades you can benefit from, travel is now a huge mess.

We curated a list of countries that are open to tourism and that don’t require you to quarantine on arrival. Great Nomad closely monitors the situation and we are updating this list weekly.

Last update: October 3rd

1. Mexico

Mexico does not impose any coronavirus travel restrictions as of the current moment. You won’t be required to quarantine and it is not mandatory to get tested for Covid-19 before or after arrival.

The only requirement is to fill a health questionnaire and present it to authorities. In the form, you are asked to share details about your flight, contact information, and countries you have been to in the past 14 days. You will have to declare that you haven’t been in contact with anyone who has been confirmed to have Covid-19 and that you don’t have any symptoms like high temperature, cough or sneezing, headache, or breathing difficulty.

The questionnaire is very straightforward and takes less than 5 minutes to fill. You also need to have valid travel insurance that covers Covid-19, which is a good idea anyway.

Residents of all countries can visit Mexico and all the resorts have reopened for tourism. Only the land border between Mexico and the US remains closed until October 21, but US residents can still visit the country by plane.

2. Maldives*

There are no quarantine or travel restrictions in the Maldives, and the visa on arrival services have restarted. Travelers entering the Maldives as tourists must have a hotel reservation confirmation for the entire stay in a registered tourist facility and will undergo a medical screening. A completed “Traveler Declaration” form must be filled 24 hours before departure. Travelers will also be subject to medical screening.

With these minor inconveniences aside, you now have the opportunity to benefit from all the hotel and villa discounts that are going on at the moment. Some 4 or 5-star villas in the Maldives are now half off!

*As of September 10, all travelers will need to present a negative coronavirus test, taken within the past 72 hours.

Even with this restrictive measure in place, we’re giving the Maldives a second place on this list as this is still one of the few destinations where you can enjoy your holiday without feeling like you’re in a hospital or on a tour to Chernobyl.

3. Albania

Albania has lifted all coronavirus travel restrictions as of July 1st 2020. The country welcomes travelers from all countries, subject to visa regulations. You will have your temperature checked at the airport and you will also be required to wear a mask in all indoor public spaces.

Albania’s Covid-19 mortality rate is among the lowest in Europe, making the country generally safe to visit. The government is also reluctant to impose a second lockdown on its citizens, in the hopes that its strategy to make masks mandatory will help to avoid this scenario.

4. Serbia

Serbia has been among one of the first countries to reopen for tourism, and also for US travelers. It’s also a place where you can have some real good meat, cheese, and salad. Serbia is a very safe country and is worth a visit!

There are no restrictions to enter Serbia, except for passengers from Croatia, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Romania, excluding Serbian nationals, who must show a negative PCR test taken in the 48 hours before arrival.

Face masks are mandatory in Serbia, in all public indoor spaces as well as in outdoor spaces where it’s not possible to maintain distance.

5. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has reopened its air borders and will no longer require travelers to show a negative PCR test upon arrival. Instead, airports will administer a quick, aleatory breath test to between 3% and 10% of passengers, and all those who present symptoms, upon arrival. All passengers will also need to perform a temperature check.

Travelers will be required to fill out and submit a Traveler’s Health Affidavit. Through this form, passengers declare they have not felt any COVID-19 related symptoms in the last 72 hours and provide contact details for the next 30 days.

6. North Macedonia

Just a short ride away from Serbia, North Macedonia has been welcoming travelers since July 1st. You might as well tick both countries off of your bucket list in one go. A trip to Skopje feels like a trip back in time.

Effective from July 9, all passengers from Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro will be required to submit a negative PCR test completed no more than 72 hours prior to arrival at the border or port of entry.

Also, keep in mind that face masks are mandatory in North Macedonia.

7. Turkey

Turkey is another “refuge” for the voyagers who view all travel as essential. The country has now lifted most of its Covid-19 travel restrictions. Only passengers arriving from Afghanistan are not allowed to enter.

Passengers also need to complete an information form when entering the country.

You will be required to wear a mask on the plane and at the airport (as everywhere else in the world), and your temperature will be checked upon entry. If you show symptoms, you will be required to undergo testing.

As of September 8th, you will also have to wear a mask without exception in all public areas, avenues, streets, parks, gardens, picnic areas, beaches, public transportation vehicles, workplaces, factories, etc. across the country.

8. Haiti

Haiti has resumed international flights and has lifted its travel restrictions. All travelers are subject to medical screening and must present a completed Health Declaration Form on arrival.

9. Brazil

Brazil has reopened its borders and all coronavirus (Covid-19) entry restrictions have been lifted since 29 July 2020. The only requirement is to have valid travel insurance that covers Covid-19.

However, Brazil is also the second most affected country after the US in terms of deaths, which is why we’ve put it toward the end of our list. As of September 10th, there have been 129K recorded deaths.

10. Afghanistan

For all travelers seeking unusual thrills, Afghanistan has resumed international flights and is accepting visitors. There are currently no compulsory quarantine requirements. There are also no requirements to provide details beyond those in your passport and visa.

If you have a high temperature the government will advise you to quarantine. On leaving Afghanistan, passengers are required to have their temperature checked. If a passenger has a high temperature the government will advise the airline to consider applying specific safety measures for that individual.

Additionally, Emirates and Fly Dubai require passengers to present a COVID-19 negative certificate in order to travel.

11. Syria

Not a tourist destination, but Syria is an option if you’re into dark tourism or visiting every country in the world (that goes against your government’s advice not to travel).

Some international commercial flights to and from Damascus International Airport are now operational. Some routes into and out of Syria are totally or partially closed.

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