Why I Won’t Take a Vacation in August

August creates legends

August makes me feel like that character from I Am Legend – the last person left of Earth… who’s still working. I was telling a friend how August pisses me off because everyone is offline, chilling on some beach, having forgotten about their mailbox. And then this friend sent me a link to Gary Vee’s video August is the Month to go All In which helped me realize that not taking a vacation in August is actually an advantage.



Instead of going to the seaside, travel, or do nothing at home, I choose prospect, sell, write content, strategize, work on my brand, create a new product. The greatest thing about August is that it’s quiet. Nobody emails me, wants to meet me, or bothers me. There are all somewhere, tanning, while I have grounded myself in my bedroom, hustling. I do this because I know what’s at stake – 11 awesome months that will follow. And when in September everyone else returns the grind with a holiday hangover I will be taking off to Africa, Asia, and Australia, having organized and increased my sources income.

If you hate your job and can’t wait until taking a vacation to escape your reality then August is your wakeup call. Imagine this example applied to your personal life. Would you stay married to a person you hate because he or she gives you a sense of stability? Would you stay married to a person you hate if you are allowed to take 1 month off of the marriage each year to spend time with the person you love? Would you get and stay married to a person you hate just to have a married status? No sane person will put up with something like this in his or her personal life. But then why do so many sane people do the exact opposite when it comes to their professional lives?

Your life is your work, your daily grind. Making money should be a process that makes you feel fulfilled, useful, on a mission to change something for better. You don’t need a vacation from the things in your life that make you happy.

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August is the best month for an anti-vacation

I like to call it the anti-vacation. I do something I love for 11 months of the year and then use August to for all these tasks that are the hardest and the most important for my brand. If you want to be a legend then do the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing in August. Raise your hustle game or take some time off to recharge and reflect on what you have done and could do better. The anti-vacation is designed to be very tough and even a little boring. When I am on an anti-vacation, I stop picking up my phone, partying, meeting my friends. My social life dies for 31 days. This is my solo time to get things done or to figure it all out. It’s a challenge. And it started yesterday.


hustle in august will smith I am legend


Leave your job in August. Start a business in August. Write a book in August. Plan on how to improve your career in August. Take a course and learn a new skill in August. Unless you are in the Southern hemisphere, August will be too hot, too expensive, and too crowded to travel anyway.


What would you do on an anti-vacation in August?


hustle hard in august


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  1. It’s definitely a unique way of using this month. The thing is where I am in New Zealand, this the perfect month to dive into those important and hard projects, because it’s cold outside and slowly getting warmer. So you have the energy of spring nearing but not yet the incentive to spend all your time enjoying the great outdoors. To me it’s head down month and I love it

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