Which Nomad Job is Perfect for You?

Travel Writer

A Travel Writer is a dream job but to turn it into reality you will have to work hard to build a list of publications and a good portfolio. Great travel writers know how to find the balance between travel and work, which is not easy when travel becomes work. Knowing how to tell great stories is a key skill that you need. You also need to know how to take great photos on your trip to be successful and worth investing in.

Getting started: 8 tips for becoming a great travel writer

Advantages: You can get complimentary trips, a better understanding of new cultures, work with amazing editors and publications, build your name and audience.

Disadvantages: You will spend most of your time writing emails to editors, tourism boards, and hotels. Your clients will rarely approach you. You always have to be working on finding new opportunities. Prepare to be alone on most of your trips.


Travel Photographer

Like travel writers, travel photographers’ job is to tell the inspiring stories of our world.

Getting started: 9 tips for taking great photos on your trip

Advantages: You can get complimentary trips, a better understanding of new cultures, work with amazing editors and publications, build your name and audience.

Disadvantages: You will have to learn to get up early, before sunrise. A great amount of your time will go to editing photographs. You will be alone on most of your trips and will sometimes have to get your clothes dirty.


Tour Guide

If you are tired of working in a dark office sitting all day, guiding tours is an opportunity to get plenty of sunshine and movement. Leading groups of people takes lots of patience. You can’t afford to get angry at your group. This job requires a strong psyche and ability to stay calm and cold-blooded in any situation.

Getting started: How to become a tour guide

Advantages: Meet many new people, learn new languages, have fun while you work.

Disadvantages: You will have to repeat the same information to tourists over and over again. Tourists who travel in groups can become quite annoying. You might have to answer plenty of dumb questions. You are also responsible for your group and have to be careful not to leave anyone behind.


Flight Attendant

Wake up in London and go to sleep in New York. As romantic as it sounds, this is a job in the customer service field. You need to be communicative, professional and patient with travelers.

Getting started: Get some experience in the hospitality industry on ground level before applying for a flight attendant job. Make a list and research the airline companies that fly to and from your country. Make sure you look well-groomed before showing up to an interview as clients will judge you by your look.

Advantages: Travel, travel, travel.

Disadvantages: You will be constantly jet-lagged, especially if you fly across the oceans. Being a flight attendant is tough on your biological clock which is bad for your health.



Modeling requires you to have thick skin and a set of diverse skills other than looking great. Being punctual is a must. You will have to take a good care of your look to get jobs.

Getting started: Make a hit list of agencies, check if you meet their height requirements and send photographs that are not too retouched and that show your features in

Advantages: Work opportunities with agencies and clients from all over the world, great pay, living in model houses and having more success with the opposite sex.

Disadvantages: You will have to deal with lots of criticism about your body and face from agencies, clients, makeup artists, and photographers. Always worrying about your weight and measures is dangerous and could lead to extreme dieting rather than having healthy and balanced meals.


English Teacher

Most of the teaching English overseas programs only hire native speakers and you will need to get a TEFL or TESOL certificate. From then on, you can just pick a destination and apply for jobs. There is a high demand for English teachers in Asia.

Getting started: Teaching English Abroad: Are you Qualified?

Advantages: Do something meaningful, empowering children and disadvantaged people. Help the world to be a little bit more connected.

Disadvantages: You will have to move to your chosen destination for at least a year. You will also have to work according to a schedule, rather than managing your own time.


Logo Designer

Are you a visual type of person who has the talent to draw and a great gut instinct on how to sell things? Every startup needs to budget for a nice logo. It is an important first step when creating a brand.

Getting started: You can be self-taught but to be a great designer you need to invest in your education. Advertising and Design make the perfect combination as a logo has to communicate the values of a brand.

Advantages: Designing a logo is not too time-consuming and it pays great. You can achieve maximum results with minimum efforts.

Disadvantages: You and your clients taste might not match. You will have to adapt to your clients’ needs and be patient.


Cruise Line Worker

This job will allow you to live like a millionaire without being one. Your employer will provide accommodation and food and might also help you take care of your bills at home. You can be a sommelier, a chef, a massage therapist, a fitness instructor. There are many roles onboard.

Getting started: Working onboard a cruise ship

Advantages: You will earn and save lots of money since there will be nowhere to spend it.

Disadvantages: There is no Wi-Fi on most cruise ships. Before applying for this job, you need to ask yourself if you can really live without The Internet and without seeing and hearing your friends and relatives for so long.


Virtual Assistant

Getting started: Upwork offers a great variety of Virtual Assistant jobs. Setup a great profile and start applying.

Advantages: Being a virtual assistant is perfect for you if you are looking for a job with no stress. Working is almost like meditation. And you get to learn how to run a business.

Disadvantages: This job will take a lot of your time to do. You might have to work in a different time zone and have to be available almost every day, although you have the freedom to manage your own time.


Account Manager/ Head of Operations

In this role, you will be the face of a company and as such you have to be professional, friendly and content. Pick an international company which business will allow you to work from different locations or travel to meet with clients.

Getting started: You need to be able to prove great leadership skills to be hired. An education in management might help but you need an extra talent. You are either born a leader or not.

Advantages: Perfect for leaders who are always up for a challenge. You can thrive in your role, especially when your ideas are considered.

Disadvantages: When something goes wrong, you will be the messenger that clients would want to shoot. Your company’s fault also becomes your fault. You will responsible in front of the client but also in front of the company if you lose your temper or neglect a task.



It is hard to be a freelance copywriter and there are a lot of clients out there that would undervalue your work. It is more than just typing. Do all copywriters a favor and don’t agree to shitty pay such as $1 for 100 words.

Getting started: Forget about the freelancing work websites if you want to find decent-paying clients. Spend time working on your portfolio and then scout for the companies or websites that might need your services.

Advantages: Give life to your creative ideas. You don’t have to be online all the time to write.

Disadvantages: Your work and efforts will often be undervalued and you will have to learn to say no and confront clients who try and offer you an offensive pay rate.


Actor/ Actress

If you are entertaining, a little bit crazy and have talent, then you might consider acting. You will have to be persistent, patient and determined to become an actor/ actress. Learning the necessary skills takes years of practice. But it is a rewarding profession, especially when you see your work on the screen or receive a standing ovation in a theater.

Getting started: Sign up for an acting class. Research the production companies or agents in your country.

Advantages: Acting is a lot of fun! And you will get to bond with some amazing people among the crew and the other actors.

Disadvantages: Prepare to work from dawn to dusk.


Motivational Speaker

Do you have a powerful personal story? Do your friends tell you that you are an inspiring person? If you have the gift and aren’t nervous to speak in front of many people then you might consider becoming a motivational speaker.

Getting started: Start with baby steps. Start a personal blog and test how people react to your stories. Go to a local school and offer to do a talk on a certain inspiring topic. Write a book.

Advantages: What you’re doing will be meaningful, even if you change the life on just one person.

Disadvantages: It might not pay your bills.



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