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  • everything is temporary

Everything Is Temporary

Everything in life is temporary. Success, failure, trips, paychecks, homes, cherry blossoms, summer, inspiration, motivation, beliefs, sunsets, friendships, love, you, me. Especially me. Expectations. Work, relationships, countries, happiness. For years, I have been so hard

  • boost your productivity

Boost Your Productivity And Stretch Time

Here is a trick to live 100 years – stick to your boring 9-5 job, never take risks, and let other people control your time. Each day is a week when you hate what you do.

  • passive income automation

How to Make Passive Income And Build Automated Businesses Online

Many nomads get started on the path to location independence by earning money through a skill set – often by freelancing or developing a service business. For a newcomer, I always recommend this as the

  • location-independent-greatnomad-home

Where Are You From?

"Where are you from?" I don't' have one home. Borders create order a 9-5-comfort disorder Australian, Hungarian, that witty contrarian bling bling Bavaria came back to Bulgaria Tijuana, Savannah imaginary nirvana Cuba, Aruba, Bhutan, Kazakhstan

  • roamsick great nomad location independent

Roamsick: Missing Other Places as You Miss Your Home

Encounters come and go through the “Arrivals” and “Departures” of your life. “I shouldn’t get attached,” you tell yourself and yet you always do. You fall in love with places where human beings touch your

  • co-living in Roam Miami

A Location Independent Home Called Roam

Home. There must be a stronger word to describe this place, one that will be (re)invented soon. Much like "google" became a verb and "xerox" a noun, the word "roam" might as well evolve and

  • saying goodbye

The Importance of Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye has always terrified me. My "farewellphobia" started when I was 18 and had to move to England to study. I didn't want my parents to come to the airport but they did. I

  • cultural-experiences-japan kimono anna pelova tokyo kyoto tea ceremony

The Japanese Cultural Experiences That Changed Me

I put my sunglasses on as I board the plane. I can wipe the tears but I don’t want anyone to see my red, swollen eyes. I want to keep looking at the country I

  • fear terrorism traveling brussels bombing nomad great nomad anna pelova

Should We Fear Terrorism and Stop Traveling?

We stand in solidarity with the victims of the brutal attack in Brussels and with all citizens who had to stay locked inside the buildings, shocked and afraid for their life. This time, Europe was

  • Damian Madray theglint experiential artist culture experiences san francisco great nomad

Damian Madray on Leaving Comfort and Designing Experiences that Connect

Damian Madray is an experiential artist and a culture anthropologist who is (re)designing the art of dialogue by creating experiences that connect humans on a deeper level. He has a long-lasting successful career in design

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